ABV: 30%
Appearance: Pale Yellow
Aroma: Cinnamon candy
Palate: Strong cinnamon, with a hint of citrus.
Finish: Long cinnamon with a touch of sweetness.

Other important technical and production information:
Sometimes you discover something amazing purely by accident. When Bittermens was first working on the recipe for the Amère Nouvelle, they had a bit of a slip up on one of their early prototypes. Basically, due to a dropped decimal point, they put in ten times too much cinnamon. The interesting thing was that it worked. It wasn’t a bitter orange and gentian liqueur like the Amère Nouvelle was designed to be, but it was pretty darned good. They thought that it would work well in winter cocktails or mulled wine applications and started toying with the name “Hiver Amer” – The Winter Bitter. However, it was when the Tiki bartenders started to play with the Hiver Amer that they saw the power of this great mistake. It had many of the qualities of a cinnamon bark syrup but more bitter complexity and less sugar… and combined with our Citron Sauvage, it made a particularly interesting Don’s Mix style liqueur.