The maestros at Sin Piedad, keepers of their mezcal recipes, know how to work with Mother Nature to raise and select the best agaves. They know how to cook and toast them, how to grind them and how to set them for natural fermentation. In a sea of complexity, Sin Piedad strives for simplicity. They are not concerned with anything other than making the finest copper pot, Espadin mezcal they know how to. With a Palenque located in the rural town of Matatlán, maestros Celso Martinez and Enrique Mendoza, along with proprietor Mario Mendoza, are feverishly working at creating the best they know how to, and they are doing so ‘without mercy’ (‘sin piedad’). The results speak for themselves. With double gold medals at the San Francisco Spirits awards for both their products on the first go around, they have developed a formula that is working very, very well.